Welcome to SMP.ms, the only SMP server with a Semi-OP experience. 🎉

Semi-OP means that the enchants in the server on items go up to “X” or “10” instead of the default IV or V. The server difficulty is set to hard and mobs have been slightly modified to do more damage and more health.

Right now you can’t get enchants above V in the enchanting table but you can use shards gathered from all around SMP.ms to upgrade gear in the upgrade menu. Ranks have the same kits that you can upgrade you just don’t have to gather shards and do the upgrade process for that kit. We see this as a free kit.



Vote for us!

A great way to support SMP.ms is to vote for us daily, each vote pushes us higher in the list making more people see our server. Every vote you make will give you money, crates and other rewards. Each time we reach 50 votes, there is a vote party and all online get a random crate key.