SMP.ms is a basic survival world with little modification, there’s no world border, land protection, mining spawners or any of that other crap.

We have a few simple features.

  • You can warp between worlds and teleport to other players.
  • Our currency are emeralds, you can find them in the wild and use them with chest shops.
  • Our world is set on normal difficulty.
  • When you spawn in the world, you will be sent to a random location.
  • Custom asset resource pack which enables emotes in the chat, 3d models and more.

What makes SMP.ms really desirable is the fact that you can make real cash from inviting friends and them supporting our server. How does this work? We give each player a unique ID and that will be apart of the IP that you give to your friend. When they join you get some bonus points and when they support the server you get bonus points. Once you have enough points you can create coupons, we buy back all unused coupons at their real world value.

We are currently offering the following:

  • Around $1.25 per new invite.
  • $5.00 reward bonus for the invitee.
  • up to 50% of the profits of total value made under your invite link.